"You have to help me, the pain is horrendous !"



That's the most common thing we hear when people attend our  Chiropractic clinic.

You see, most have seriously bad, sharp pains in their back, legs, neck, or shoulders. They can't concentrate, sleep well, or even move around.

The first step is to have an examination. Let me explain why the examination is important:  You see in order to get you well quickly we have to locate the real cause of the pain. By treating the cause you will get better quicker, and stay well longer.

Here’s how Chiropractic works:

For example if something is trapped in your back and causing agonising pain wouldn't it make sense to un-trap it?  That's exactly what Chiropractors do, with a gentle push, so that the area can heal. This helps low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and migraines get better quickly.

At the consultation, we will give you exercises and advice to help reduce the pain from the day you first attend. We’ll show you how easy it is to reduce the pain, with appropriate professional advice. Normally, we will start treatment immediately to help relieve your pain. 

We have 12 years of experience helping people around the Stourbridge and Kingswinford area fight their back pain. This means we know all the quickest and best ways to help you recover from your pain.

If you want to get back to your hobbies, start sleeping better, concentrate better, feel happy and normal again, or even simply stop suffering, then give the clinic a ring now on 01384 443999.

Remember, pain is never ever normal.

Please feel free to view our patient testimonial videos, and see other local people we have helped through Chiropractic care.


Do you suffer from the following?


    Acute Low back pain
    Chronic low Back pain
    Migraine Headache
    Acute and sub-acute neck pain
    Cervicogenic Headaches  or dizziness
    Chronic neck pain
    Shoulder girdle pain or dysfunction
    Adhesive Capsulitis
    Tennis elbow
    Knee osteoarthritis
    Hip osteoarthritis

 If so call us now on 01384 443999 for a consultation and make the first steps to your recovery.


Massage now available

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We now have a sister website, so have a look http://stourbridge-low-back-pain-relief.co.uk/

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We have now updated our website to include more information between the differences between a Chiropractor, Osteopath, and Physiotherapist. If you are interested in the differences between Chiropractic, Osteopathy, or Physiotherapy, have a look at the respective pages. If you suffer with Low back pain, have a search through our site for more advice and help.

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