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Corona update: Open for regular appointments.

Following on from the Governments announcement regarding the 2021 lock down, we can remain open as a healthcare provider. We are continuing to follow the advice of Public Health England and our governing bodies.

This includes the use of the appropriate PPE equipment, including disposable aprons, disposable gloves and face masks. We are also continuing to disinfect the examination table and all communal surfaces for every patient.

So if you are in pain and need help, please call us on 01384 443999 to book an appointment.

Conditions we help

Below are some common spinal problems we help people with. Our care is not limited to these problems, please contact reception if you have a specific enquiry.

low back pain chiropractic
Low Back Pain

It's often very severe and stops general movement, your ability to move, bend or function.

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neck pain chiropractor featured
Neck Pain

Neck pain causes pain anywhere around the neck and shoulders. It often causes neck stiffness.

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sciatica chiropractor featured

The pain is agony and shoots down the leg, pain usually originating from the sciatic nerve.

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leg pain chiropractic featured
Leg Pain

Pain which spreads down the leg often originating from the LB nerves and even going to the foot.

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headache and chiropractic featured
Cervicogenic Headache

Pain felt anywhere in the head, and often originating from the neck due to nerves and joints in that area.

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migraine chiropractor featured
Migraine Prevention

This is a terrible pain that spreads to the front of your head, and often a dark room helps.

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We create long term changes

All through correcting the source of the pain

Pain is never normal. if something is trapped in your back and causing agonising pain wouldn’t it make sense to un-trap it? That’s exactly what Chiropractors do, with a gentle push, so that the area can heal much faster. This helps low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, cervicogenic-headaches, and migraines get better quickly.

Here are some of the conditions we help people with everyday:

Acute Low back pain
Chronic low Back pain
Migraine Headache prevention
Acute and sub-acute neck pain
Cervicogenic Headaches or dizziness
Chronic neck pain
Shoulder girdle pain or dysfunction
Tennis elbow
Knee osteoarthritis

heidi howellheidi howell

Chiropractor and physio sessions from Oliver and Shane are very beneficial to my overall health problems. Lovely manner, very knowledgeable. Shane explains really well what's happening and why and what he will do to alleviate pain.
Great receptionists, all extremely friendly and will go out of their way to accommodate appointments and changes.
Practice has been very vigilant with cleanliness normally and throughout covid.
Would highly recommend this practice.

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Debbie MorreyDebbie Morrey

On visiting the practice I was very impressed by all of the staff. They are so welcoming and considerate it certainly puts you at ease.
My treatment is going well with Sam. He always listens and responds to my feedback which is reassuring. I am not quit there yet but feel much more positive that things are improving. I would definitely recommend a visit if you need a chiropractor. Hopefully in a few weeks I can tick the final star ⭐️

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Kat EvansKat Evans

I was in need of finding a new Chriopractor after moving and having looked at the website and seen all the reviews I was immediately put at ease. The team are all lovely and with all the extra PPE you really feel like you’re in safe hands.

After just a few weeks of treatment I feel so much better and can walk the dog without my back making it difficult, its such a relief to not have pain every time I pop out. Would happily recommend to anyone who’s thinking about treatment.

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Gee KullarGee Kullar

Everyone is brilliant and take really good care of you! You’re more than just a “patient” they speak to you as if you were one of their own!

Exceptional chiropractors and since I’ve been going my back has just got better and better.

100% recommended! Thank you guys!

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Keith DurrantKeith Durrant

Excellent service and therapy from the start. The reception staff are friendly, efficient and helpful. A big shout for Claire, she is very good at her job!
Oliver is great at explaining everything to you in detail and puts you at your ease.
Sam is equally as great.
Shane is the massage guru, he really knows his stuff and can find all the issues with your muscle tensions and works to put them right.
If your looking for a good quality chiropractor, we’ll you’ve found one!

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Meet the team

Our therapy team has over 21 years experience treating a wide range of very severe conditions, ranging from acute and chronic low back pain, to terrible leg pain and shooting sciatica, as well as common cervicogenic headaches, neck pain, and migraines. Using both Chiropractic care, combined with Sports Therapy, and massage techniques to create fast pain relief, and long lasting benefits. After you search for a Chiropractor near me, give us a call and let us help!

Oliver Crawford

20+ years experience

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We are here to help you achieve your health goals, through restoring spinal health, and working to prevent the problem recurring.

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