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Corona update: Open for emergency appointments.

As of the 20th April we are open for appointments if you are in pain or have a worsening of symptoms.

We will be taking extra precautions and following the recommended guidelines of using an apron and gloves, and disinfecting the examination table, and communal surfaces for every patient.

If you have a health need and require Chiropractic due to a worsening of your symptoms, it is legal to travel to and have an appointment at a Chiropractic clinic.

We continue to follow the advice of Public Health England and our governing bodies and expect to revert back to our normal operating hours on Monday 1 June 2020.

Conditions we help

Below are some common spinal problems we help people with. Our care is not limited to these problems, please contact reception if you have a specific enquiry.

low back pain chiropractic
Low Back Pain

It's often very severe and stops general movement, your ability to move, bend or function.

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neck pain chiropractor featured
Neck Pain

Neck pain causes pain anywhere around the neck and shoulders. It often causes neck stiffness.

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sciatica chiropractor featured

The pain is agony and shoots down the leg, pain usually originating from the sciatic nerve.

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leg pain chiropractic featured
Leg Pain

Pain which spreads down the leg often originating from the LB nerves and even going to the foot.

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headache and chiropractic featured
Cervicogenic Headache

Pain felt anywhere in the head, and often originating from the neck due to nerves and joints in that area.

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migraine chiropractor featured
Migraine Prevention

This is a terrible pain that spreads to the front of your head, and often a dark room helps.

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We create long term changes

All through correcting the source of the pain

Pain is never normal. if something is trapped in your back and causing agonising pain wouldn’t it make sense to un-trap it? That’s exactly what Chiropractors do, with a gentle push, so that the area can heal much faster. This helps low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, cervicogenic-headaches, and migraines get better quickly.

Here are some of the conditions we help people with everyday:

Acute Low back pain
Chronic low Back pain
Migraine Headache prevention
Acute and sub-acute neck pain
Cervicogenic Headaches or dizziness
Chronic neck pain
Shoulder girdle pain or dysfunction
Tennis elbow
Knee osteoarthritis

Arwyn JamesArwyn James

Well what can I say. On entering the practice I was greeted by a warm and friendly receptionist
(Who in my opinion deserves a pay rise.) the staff were extremely professional and friendly and soon put me at ease. Evan after 3 sessions I’m feeling quite a difference in my movement.would definitely recommend Wollaston chiropractic clinic. Keep up the very good work

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Dean BridgeDean Bridge

Was recommended Wollaston Chiropractics by a colleague after suffering a lower back injury whilst training. Have been treated by Oliver and Shane (massage) and condition has improved from not being able to walk, bend, lift or sleep without unbearable pain, to light training, swimming and running again within just over 2 weeks. Very pleased with the progress and have already recommended a couple of friends with ongoing back issues. First class service from the whole team.

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Martin MasseyMartin Massey

I was suffering from bad back pain and most daily activities became a struggle. Popped in to see these guys and I was greeted with friendly staff in a nice clean environment. My assessment and treatment was carried out by Sam who couldn't have been more helpful. 8 weeks later I feel so much better and movement, lifting, sports etc have become much easier and less painful. Best money I have ever spent and would reccomend these guys to anyone suffering with similar problems

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sarah mooresarah moore

After experiencing daily headaches and frequent migraines for probably going on 15years, I wish I’d tried chiropractic sooner. Oliver has been fantastic and I am really pleased to see such a difference already. I’ve had about 5weeks of treatment now and have definitely noticed a difference both to the regularity of my headaches and the intensity. Thank you so much!

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Lisa KumbetliLisa Kumbetli

I visited this chiropractor just before Christmas with excrutiating back & hip pain following a 5 day stay in hospital just being discharged with loads of painkillers. I went crying into my first appointment I was in so much pain but was immediately reassured by Claire on reception that I would be advised if I could be helped and it was a regular occurrence. I had also lost the strength in my knee and hip so was unable to climb stairs properly or even raise the affected leg. I was assured by Sam he could help. He carried out a thorough examination and advised what he thought the problem was. After that first visit I immediately felt positive.Following 2 treatments a week within 4 weeks the pain started to subside. Now I have had another review and am now being phased down to once a week and the movement has started to come back in my knee/ hip. I can't thank Sam enough and all at this practise who are so friendly and helpful. I can't recommend Wollaston Chiropractors enough. They really understand what you are going through and I felt reassured as soon as I walked through the door. I can't believe the change to how I was but will certainly continue to visit to ensure I keep on top of treatment.

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Meet the team

Our therapy team has over 21 years experience treating a wide range of very severe conditions, ranging from acute and chronic low back pain, to terrible leg pain and shooting sciatica, as well as common cervicogenic headaches, neck pain, and migraines. Using both Chiropractic care, combined with Sports Therapy, and massage techniques to create fast pain relief, and long lasting benefits. After you search for a Chiropractor near me, give us a call and let us help!

Oliver Crawford

Oliver Crawford

20+ years experience

Shane Henry

5 years experience

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We are here to help you achieve your health goals, through restoring spinal health, and working to prevent the problem recurring.

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