Oliver is the principle Chiropractor at Wollaston Chiropractic Clinic. He has worked there for about 17 years, and has been working in the area for 21 years.

Along with my healthcare interests, I am a keen motorsport enthusiast, racing Go-karts for 10 years when I was younger (even being ranked 15th in class in the country at one point). I have also raced sports and saloon cars for 3 years all over the UK.

Recently, my passion is flying large acrobatic 3d radio controlled helicopters. I currently own 2 helicopters (one about 5 foot big, and another 6 foot big.)

Additionally, I ride my mountain bike, and swim to keep fit.

My greatest passion is my children Samantha (who is 15), and Alex (who is 12). They can usually be heard on a Thursday morning , when they pop in for an adjustment!

oliver crawford chiropractor

Rotax Max Karting

Oliver was a multi club champion racing 125cc Rotax Max. He also ranked 15th in the country.

Westfield kit car racing

Oliver Raced 1800cc Zetec Westfield kit cars for 2 years

Supercharged Honda Civic type R

Oliver did time trials and lots of track days running a 420bhp Honda Civic type R. He even won the front wheel drive class in “Time Attack”.

Mazda Mx5 racing

Oliver built a Mazda Mx5 race car from a road car, and raced it all over the UK.

Align 700n model helicopter

Oliver flew both a Align 700n model helicopter and 700e. He never competed.

Drone Racing

Oliver raced FPV Drones for 2 years. They transmit the video back to your goggles, and you fly them remotely.

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