Our Team

Our team consists of Chiropractic, massage therapy and Sports therapy all working together to create rapid pain relief and fast recovery times. Most importantly we strive to create a long term improvement in all our customers. We are not just concerned with helping you feel better, increasingly now more than ever the goal is to create stability and strength in the spine. To not just get you well, but to keep you well.

Oliver Crawford
Oliver Crawford

The principle Chiropractor and business owner. Has over 20 years experience.

Sam Braniff

A fully qualified Chiropractor working with us.

Shane Henry

Shane is an experienced Sports Therapist providing massage care.

Clare Windsor

Clare is our practice manager, solving problems and helping customers.

Jane Crawford featured
Jane Crawford

Is the CFO and bookkeeper, and additionally helps on reception.

CC Crump

CC works on reception and is the newest member of our team.

carole howse featured
Carole Howse

Carole helps on reception during summer holidays and sickness

Ashley Humphries

Ashley is a Sports therapist providing massage care to our clients.